Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Every day, I start my day by having coffee on my balcony. It's private enough to sit in my jammies and it's definitely my favorite "room" in the house.

So recently, I bought this pink owl wind chime (RM10) at one of the shops in Jonker Street. It makes a great addition to my balcony, as it's pleasing to both the eye and the ear!

Hoot hoot! My owl wind chime sees you!

I enjoy the tinkling of wind chime, it doesn't need a lot of breeze to dance and make music! The soothing tones and sounds of wind chimes can truthfully change the mood and energy of any living space.

By the way, I heard some people use wind chimes as a Feng Shui element to attract or enhance good luck. I don't practice Feng Shui and I don't understand the role of wind chimes in Feng Shui, but after I was told that the best wind chimes have 5 hollow tubes or rods, representing the 5 elements in Feng Shui, I feel like drilling a hole to hang another rod because mine has four metal rods only!

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