Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is your fashion sense making you a laughingstock? Check out the list of fashion no-no's by inSing.com Editor and don't let these fashion faux pas happen to you!

#1 "Black-out contact lenses | They're supposed to make your eyes look bigger, but all they do is make you look like a lizard."

#2 "Undercuts | What is wrong with you? Did one part of your hair offend you so much that you need to shave it off? It's not cool, it's juvenile and ugly. Just stop it."

#3 "Plastic bra straps | We hate to break it to you but plastic does not mean invisible. You can choose to cross your bra straps under a racerback tank, or wear a strapless bra under a strapless top. Even going braless would be preferable."

#4 "Badly chipped nails | We're not sure what you're trying to be - too cool to care, or you're just plain lazy? It's hideous and disgusting. Buy some nail polish remover, girlfriend."

#5 "Spillover toes | When you're trying shoes to buy in a store, walk around in them and make sure when you walk, your toes are not sticking out. If they are, the shoes are probably too small for you. Shelve them no matter how pretty they are."

#6 "Be crack-conscious | Yes, lower-cut jeans are more flattering than ones that mum jeans that go above your navel but how many times have you bent over and accidentally showed your bum crack or your thong to the world? Invest in several pairs of low-riding underwear and do yourself, and the world a favour."

#7 "Camel Toe | We're not sure why blogger Dawn Yang decided on these pair of pants, but we suggest she dump them. Camel toes are never a good look, unless you work in porn."

#8 "Leggings are not pants | The world does not want to see the jiggle of your ass and the shape of your crotch as you sashay around a mall. If you must wear leggings, make sure you're wearing a top that covers your nether regions."

#9 "Visible Panty Lines (VPL) | Victoria's Secret sells their seamless underwear for $30 for a bundle of three. Check your bum out in the mirror before you leave home, and order a few pairs if you're one of the offenders."

#10 "Wearing FBT shorts everywhere | We get it, they're comfortable. But that doesn't mean you should be flashing half your butt cheek and wearing them everywhere. Save them for runs and work outs."

So what do you think? Do you agree with the above? What fashion crimes do you find the most offensive?

I think another big fashion mistake I see around me is wearing the wrong size; either baggy or oversized, (all too often the case) or items of clothing that are just too small. Most women think they can "hide" their lumps and bumps under loose clothes, but this only makes you look bigger, while squeezing into clothes that are too small will make you look ridiculous. Why not simply buy clothes that fit properly – if not perfectly!

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