Thursday, November 01, 2012

Instead of going crazy with hundred pictures of Pulau Ketam in a single post, I've considered breaking it into a series of posts.

Let's start with FOOD!

We lunched at one of the seafood restaurants; seafood is, of course, the main attraction here.

There were 5 of us, we ordered 6 dishes and ate until I was ready to burst!

Fish Ball Soup - On sweltering days, hot soup is a death wish. I'm not entirely sure why we ordered this. Just for the heck of it, I suppose.

Steamed Lala (Clams)

Bamboo Clams

Butter Prawns - These creamy butter prawns were so juicy and fresh, my favorite dish on the table!

Salted Egg Crabs - The crabs were fine but it was not amazing where I was figuratively crying big fat tears of joy while I ate it.

Our entire bill including a couple of drinks came out to RM215. The food was good overall, well, the larger the number of restaurants serving the same seafood dishes in a given area, the more likely the food they serve will be good!?

The out-of-towners

First Commenter

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