Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ralph may not be the Santa, but he sure could pass as Santa's twin brother, loll. We had fun being together and I realized how much he had tried to make me happier.

Well, we have been out to a restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner for the past few years and we did it again this year. Frankly, I'd prefer to have a slap-up Christmas Eve feast in the comfort of home or host a small Christmas party but he wanted to take me out for a nice dinner instead and let someone else do all the hard work. I guess he doesn't want to spend all day slaving in the kitchen or deal with the greasy pans and gravy plates stacked up high in the kitchen.

We had a normal Christmas Eve; it was kind of like just another day. No fires or anything crazy, so I'll just bore you with my Christmas Eve dinner in a photo dump - you're welcome.

We walked in to the German Restaurant & Bar @ The Curve around 7pm and had no problem getting a table immediately. Everything from food to service was great and the soft Christmas music created a wonderfully cozy Christmas mood. As the night progressed, the place was packed.

Grimbergen Beer

I let Ralph order anything on the menu as I was busy playing with his new phone. He ordered a starter and 2 entrees, and all the portions were larger than we would expect!

Speck und Brot (Bacon & Bread) - grilled streaky bacon, sauteed onions, pickle gherkins on farmer bread topped with fried egg.

It was a perfect starter dish and we easily cleaned our plates.

Europaische Wurste Platter - European sausages platter with German Bratwurst (German par-boiled pork sausage), Chorizo (Italian mildly spiced pork sausage), Hungarian Wurst (smoked sausage) served with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut (tart shredded pickled cabbage) and grill streaky bacon.

This was a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds; each bite was full of flavor and all sausages were imported from Germany.

Deutsche Schweinshaxen (House Specialty Pork Knuckle) - roast pork knuckle in traditional style served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, and a knife plunged into its centre.

When the knuckle dish finally came out, I noticed how HUGE the pork knuckle was! The best part about it was its crispy skin and the meat was extremely tender and tasty, Holy heaven.

Pork Gravy

Franziskaner Weissbier

Their deliciously thick and creamy vanilla milkshake seriously blew me away! No matter how many weird and wonderful flavors are dreamed up for creating a milkshake, the plain old vanilla milkshake remains at the top of my favorite milkshake list.

Needless to say, every dish was insanely amazing. We came in hungry, and nearly left on a stretcher as the sheer happiness and laziness induced from the food-coma rendered us immobile. In fact, I was trying to get over how much I overindulged on everything delicious and get out of the food coma I put myself in (womp womp!).


MERRY CHRISTMAS (12 days of Christmas, right?), dear friends and readers around the globe... much love to you all! Smiley

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