Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Whew~ so it's New Year Eve today. It just comes too soon after Christmas! How was your Christmas everyone? Mine was not merry as I was seriously ill (maybe I'll share the nasty, gory details one day) and ended up bedridden for a few days, and because of this, I've decided on my No.1 2014 goal (not resolution) - take better care of my health. Are you ready, running shoes?

Well, that's OK. I had a small bit of joy anyway and most importantly, the worst was over, THANK GOD.

On Christmas Eve, Ralph was slaving away in the kitchen (even though he got a mild flu) while I was resting in bed. Without knowing what he was going to cook, I told him to keep the meal simple, make his Christmas Eve a stress-free zone and have fun. *loll*

"So here they are – bon appetit!"

The seared salmon that served with all my favorite veggies tasted fantastic and he was totally taken by surprise when I completely cleaned my plate (unlike last year!) despite being sick.

He also made Brussels sprouts salad, which was devoured! I love these miniature cabbages and he said he could make it again anytime.

Hmmm... how can he find the time to cook? Cooking and creating healthy meals can take significantly longer than making some instant noodles or throwing a frozen pizza into the microwave, and not forget about cleaning up afterward.

Ugh! How do I make myself love cooking?

Oh, I could have pink champagne (?) before the meal too!

From my home to yours, here's to wishing everyone a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration and see you in 2014! *muah!* So excited!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Instead of sitting outside the store while waiting for me to finish shopping today, I asked Ralph to go and snap some pictures of the Christmas decorations or catch some festive performances so he'll not suffer from shopping boredom, loll.

*15 minutes later*

"Okay, done!" he said happily standing next to me.

"Wow that was fast! Hmmm... I still can't decide if I should go with the black handbag or the red one."

After transferring the pictures to my computer, I reckon he stood in exactly the same spot and took all these pictures below, hahaha!

This year, the shopping mall's "Coming Home for Christmas" theme saw its centre court transformed into a traditional English home-like atmosphere with its very own fireplace and surrounded by Christmas trees.

Be greeted by a GIANT TEDDY BEAR!

KL's tallest Christmas tree

The 20-metre high Christmas tree is located just outside the mall, facing Lake Symphony, and the whole place was heaving, packed with people!

It's the time of year when everyone gets either sentimental or santamental.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

While we usually frequent Sakae Sushi whenever we need a quick fix of Japanese food, we decided to give Watami a go when we walked pass it after Ralph bought a pair of badminton shoes on a Saturday evening last month.

There weren't that many people in the restaurant as it was still early before the dinnertime rush and since I wasn't super hungry, we didn't order a lot of food.

Tori Momo Kushi (RM4.90) | Tomato Kushi (RM4.90) - love anything on a skewer!

Must order Salmon Sashimi (RM19.90) at every Japanese restaurant I go to, yum!

Actually, I ordered Salmon Salad but the waiter got the order wrong and they brought me Onsen Tamago Caesar Salad (RM19.90). Well, it looked good, so I was fine with it and didn't alert the waiter.

Gyuniku Sukiyaki Nabe (RM27.90) - There's nothing nicer than a big bowl of comforting hot pot on a cold, wet evening. However, the broth was extremely salty for my taste and it left me gulping down two or three glasses of iced green tea!

Ralph thought it was okay and said it's meant to be salty.

This sexy little number - Strawberry Mojito (RM12.90) made me go "Ohhh...ahhh..." why do the alcoholic drinks have to be the only pretty drinks!?

The bill came to RM107.20, including service charge and tax - not sure if well worth it for the food.

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Friday, December 06, 2013

Whoa, I can't believe how fast this year has flown and I honestly don't remember a year of my life going by as fast as this one did! I'm not sure how I feel about this as I reflect on what I did (or didn't) accomplish in the 11 previous months.

I actually dislike gray, continuous rainy weather (brr!). Perhaps my reflective heart connects with the darker season, haha.

Oh, there's nothing deep at this hour - just me, thinking what it would be if I could do one thing differently next year and laughing at how simple I am.

By the way, which shopping mall has the best Christmas decorations this year (asking the same question every year loll)? I haven't done a single bit of Christmas shopping yet. Am I alone?

Okay, gotta use up some store credit I've with an online store and pick out some new clothes. Woohoo!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's HERE! It's HERE! When I discovered one of my favorite UK brands River Island has partnered with Zalora to make its collections available online in Malaysia, I thought that I had died and went to fashion heaven. *ecstatic dance*

In case you aren't familiar with River Island, it's another style staple of the British High Street; I really admire the Brits and their sense of fashion (yes, including those ridiculous bird hats)! I think from casual day to dinner events, and work wear to statement trends is what makes the River Island collection great as it really has something for everyone. Also, River Island offers a great selection for men too!

Here are some styling tips on how I would wear some of my favorite pieces from River Island - Blue Bell, Vivid Rouge, Berry Chic, Honey Bunny and Green Christmas (names I've given my styles).

Look 1: Blue Bell

Black Quilted Flip Lock Clutch Bag | Black Embellished Bell Sleeve Dress | Blue Floral Print Ankle Cuff Sandals

Look 2: Vivid Rouge

Navy Lace Sequin Embellished Crop Top | Metal Yellow Gold Tone Encrusted Leaf Earrings
Red Leather Toe Cap Pointed Court Shoes | Black Molly Jeggings

Look 3: Berry Chic

Dark Red High Shine Quilted Skater Skirt | Gold Curb Ring
Black Quilted Chain Clip Top Purse | Black Snake Print Mid Heel Sandals

Look 4: Honey Bunny

Metal Yellow Outline Heart Long Pendant | Mid Wash Denim Distressed Hotpants
Tan Bunny Watch | Red Peep Toe Platform Wedges

Look 5: Green Christmas

Green Asymmetric Slip Dress | Gold Filigree Cut Out Cuff | Black Zip Back Platform Court Shoes

Those are the eye-catching pieces that made me think, "I must have this!" "It must be mine!" "I'm clicking the ‘Add to Bag’ button now!"

So which look is your favorite? River Island has not announced plans to open any brick and mortar stores in Malaysia yet. So yeah, shop the collection through online retailer WWW.ZALORA.COM.MY with a discount of up to 50% off on all selected items – O-M-G get them before they're gone!

Oh my, self control is hard to muster on this site. *wallet is panicking*

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My dad and mom are here (Nov 2-17) visiting us, so I've been mad busy and my blog has been super quiet! Since they are now in Langkawi (one week here and one week divided between Singapore and Langkawi), its time to catch up with my emails, do some more work and blog. Oh, how I missed you all!

Last Friday night, we came here with a craving for some authentic Chinese cuisine. As I walked into the luxurious decor restaurant that inspired by China's Imperial era, the first thing I saw was a big Buddha statue in the centre of the main eating section.

We started with their star Shanghainese attraction, the Signature Dynasty Dumplings (RM25.80) or xiao long bao, as you might know them better. Unlike the original steamed soup dumpling with the marinated meat filling, The 8 first-of-its-kind types of xiao long bao were available in 8 multi colors and flavors - black truffle (black), Szechuan (pink), foie gras (brown), ginseng (green), garlic (grey), crab roe (orange), cheese (yellow) and original (translucent white). Not a huge fan of steamed dumplings, but I'm amazed with the chef's creativity!

The Chilled Assorted Eggs Loaf in Yang Zhou Style (RM12.80) was indeed unique. It was a blend of a few eggs (century egg, salted egg and normal chicken egg) into one unique cold dish.

Equally enticing was the Cold Tofu with Century Egg (RM10.80).

Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Dried Scallop (RM20.80) - another egg-cellent dish! *my cholesterol levels just shuddered a little*

We each ordered a bowl of handmade la mian (hand-pulled noodles); their next bestseller and the bowls are big enough to bathe a puppy in, loll! I went with one of the 18 different types of la mian, which is La Mian with Shredded Pork and Preserved Vegetable in Signature Pork Bone Soup (RM15.80).

In between all that, there was an unforgettable serving of Baby Bamboo Shoot in Oyster Sauce (RM12.80).

Already full, we finished off with something sweet - Pan-fried Pancake with Red Bean Paste (RM8.90), the perfect warm finish to a great meal!

The bill for 6 people was RM249.05 including beverages, service charge and tax.

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