Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whoa I can't believe it has been ages since I blogged *blows off dust* and I'll be getting the Moldiest Blog award, thanks to my blog buddies Panda and Mariuca, loll.

Ever since I came back from Tawau, I've been feeling lazy to blog. A mad scientist injected me with the lazy bug and it took me weeks to finally put myself in the 'jail of productivity' (I'm too lazy to even come up with a logical excuse). When I go for long stretches without posting, it's always difficult to know where to pick up.

Well, everything has been going well, I'm still alive and kicking. However, of course, there will always be things to do. There will always be challenges, because everything in life is changing from moment to moment.

It's funny, I spend most of my days at my computer, but all I want to do is to go outside and find an expansive space completely devoid of human presence right now.

I've been standing on the edge of the cliff I know I'll have to make myself jump, but I'm secretly hoping somebody will sneak up from behind and just push me off already. Sometimes I feel like I'm stranded in a pool of quicksand even in my own map of life. Sometimes I'll have thoughts about myself that even I can't fully comprehend.

I shifted my attention elsewhere and as fate would have it, my world turns up side down, in a good way. I've come to realize that sometimes distraction is necessary. I'm trying to reflect on all that has happened and as I sit here thinking of all the many thoughts running through my head, I wonder about the connections between people. Sometimes people, even complete strangers come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose. Nothing is just a coincidence.

*drown myself in music*

There are so many things I restrain myself from saying, as you never know who is reading. I think that maybe I should write an anonymous blog, loll.

Okay, I'm trying to catch up on all I've missed. It cannot take me longer than a decade, right? What is new in your world?

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