Wednesday, May 22, 2013

She has a home.

It lies on the shore.

Everyday, she stands at the beach.

She imagines what lives over there.

She swims, but she never goes far.

There seems to be nothing other than the vast sea.

The sea is rugged.

One day, she sees someone on a lone boat out at sea.

He sees her too.

Now, she knows something lives across that sea.

There must be.

She starts noticing him everyday.

She can't help it.

He sees her too.

Everyday, they see others on the beach.

One morning, as she walks to the beach,

He's already there.

He smiles at her.

She smiles back.

He walks over.

And they talk.

He's a gentleman.

She knows she's in trouble.

Her heart is about to run off with him.

She's in a daze.

She can feel the fear rise in her.

He tells her he lives on an island across from her.

She says she never knew for sure there was an island.

She sort of guessed but didn’t think there was,

Until she saw him on his boat, that first time.

He smiles, remembering.

She's just looking at him.

She sees words flying out of his mouth.

He sort of knows she's looking at him too hard.

He figures it must be because he looks so different from anyone around her.

He tells her he has to get going.

And asks her to join him.

Her heart says yes.

But her mind says no.

She sees goodbye in his eyes.

She watches every step that he takes.

Until she no longer see him.

He never looks back.

Each morning, she wakes up hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

But she doesn't see him.

Each night, she stands by her window.

And try to look out as far as she can.

She can't see the island he claims to be on.

But she sees it on maps.

So she knows he is real.

She can't get him out of her mind.

It feels like he's living beneath her skin.

He lives in her.

The other her asks her why she doesn't have the guts to get on the boat with him.

She can't answer it.

The rugged sea.

Fear controls her.

It paralyzes her.

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