Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sitting alone and silently,

She recalls the little piece of magic.

That part came unexpectedly,

And lasted only for a while.

One month has passed,

Her nights have turned to days,

And all day goes by with him on her mind.

She can't understand, how

This has mattered to her.

She has lived without him all her life.

She has told herself,

He is nothing.

But the more she has said this,

The more she tries and forgets him,

The more she remembers,


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Let's go to Plan B!" Ralph suggested since we had no plans as to where to have dinner.

When we arrived here on a Saturday night, I wanted somewhere we could sit inside the cozy indoor dining area but it was filled, so we were seated at the laid-back outdoor section.



While waiting for our food and drinks, I looked around at the cafe's offbeat decor.

#3 Obviously, the first thing I noticed was the slightly chaotic mess of wooden chairs suspended from the ceiling!



#6 Ralph had the Moroccan Lamb Meatballs - spaghetti with lamb meatballs, smoky eggplant in tomato sauce and dukkah, which he said was very good. I stole his lamb meatball and agreed!

#7 Frosty Lemon Tea

#8 My sister ordered The Loaded Club Sandwich - grilled chicken, crispy turkey bacon, roasted capsicum and avocado-feta mash stacked on egg mayo spread on homemade white bread, served with homemade chips, and she enjoyed every single bite of it.


#10 Iced Honey Lemon

I wanted something light (had to leave room for another meal with my night owl friends!) and the menu was obliging.

#11 Finally decided on the Smoked Salmon Sandwich with mint yoghurt, arugula and capers on wholemeal bread, served with homemade chips.


When Ralph asked what I thought of it, I said, "Well, it didn't blow up my skirt." *loll* But I absolutely love smoked salmon!


Anything on their menu I should try next time? Or any other nice places (to eat and hang out) I should check out in this trendy shopping mall?

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Are you a morning lark or night owl? If you're a night owl like me, maybe someday we'll meet in the middle of the night; have a cup of coffee and swap stories!?

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Ralph took me to see this movie on the first day it was released. He knows Fast & Furious is my favorite action movie franchise of all time, and how much I love the excitement and competitiveness of street racing.

I went into it with no expectations, switch off, buckle up, enjoy the ride and... watch Vin Diesel, my favorite actor! OMG, his voice is, hmmm... sexy.

The multicultural "Furious" gang family reunion.

As always, the car chases were superb and this installment did a terrific job of transporting my mind into a thrilling world of high-speed chases as an exponent of escapism.

A stunning '69 Dodge Daytona.

Dom (Vin Diesel) and his lost love, presumed-dead, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez)

An intimate moment... she's got amnesia; he still loves her (even though he has a new one).

The climactic action sequence after this scene is jaw dropping insane (you'll know it when you see it)! Dom, her hero, does this all for love.

The phrase "Leave your brain in the car park and just enjoy the ride" has never been more appropriate and in the end, I ended up leaving the cinema on a high, as there's a shock reveal in a post-credits scene – my favorite British actor will be joining the team in the next installment!

So, when is Fast & Furious 7 coming out? CAN'T WAIT!

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Thursday, June 06, 2013


Finally getting down to blogging about my Taiwan trip! Oh well, it's better late than never, right?

So after lunch at the island's most beautiful lake, we were back on the road again to our next stop.

#2 Saw a woman singing and an elderly couple dancing at a Chinese pavilion near the parking lot when we got off the coach.


The building houses a small museum, which only took us about 20 minutes (maybe less) to see everything. Don't worry I'm not here to bore you all with the facts and history of wine. In fact, I had learned nothing, loll. Every descriptions and information plaques were in Chinese. We can't read and our tour guide was nowhere to be found.









To me the museum itself wasn't that interesting intellectually, so we headed back downstairs after we took a few pictures.

#12 There are many different stalls selling a wide variety of local food, snacks, drinks, etc. Even if you don't purchase anything, it's very interesting to look at.



#15 Visiting supermarkets when traveling - doesn't everyone?



I don't remember what we ended up buying, but we probably should have just cleaned out the whole shelf!

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