Sunday, June 09, 2013

Ralph took me to see this movie on the first day it was released. He knows Fast & Furious is my favorite action movie franchise of all time, and how much I love the excitement and competitiveness of street racing.

I went into it with no expectations, switch off, buckle up, enjoy the ride and... watch Vin Diesel, my favorite actor! OMG, his voice is, hmmm... sexy.

The multicultural "Furious" gang family reunion.

As always, the car chases were superb and this installment did a terrific job of transporting my mind into a thrilling world of high-speed chases as an exponent of escapism.

A stunning '69 Dodge Daytona.

Dom (Vin Diesel) and his lost love, presumed-dead, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez)

An intimate moment... she's got amnesia; he still loves her (even though he has a new one).

The climactic action sequence after this scene is jaw dropping insane (you'll know it when you see it)! Dom, her hero, does this all for love.

The phrase "Leave your brain in the car park and just enjoy the ride" has never been more appropriate and in the end, I ended up leaving the cinema on a high, as there's a shock reveal in a post-credits scene – my favorite British actor will be joining the team in the next installment!

So, when is Fast & Furious 7 coming out? CAN'T WAIT!

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