Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Let's go to Plan B!" Ralph suggested since we had no plans as to where to have dinner.

When we arrived here on a Saturday night, I wanted somewhere we could sit inside the cozy indoor dining area but it was filled, so we were seated at the laid-back outdoor section.



While waiting for our food and drinks, I looked around at the cafe's offbeat decor.

#3 Obviously, the first thing I noticed was the slightly chaotic mess of wooden chairs suspended from the ceiling!



#6 Ralph had the Moroccan Lamb Meatballs - spaghetti with lamb meatballs, smoky eggplant in tomato sauce and dukkah, which he said was very good. I stole his lamb meatball and agreed!

#7 Frosty Lemon Tea

#8 My sister ordered The Loaded Club Sandwich - grilled chicken, crispy turkey bacon, roasted capsicum and avocado-feta mash stacked on egg mayo spread on homemade white bread, served with homemade chips, and she enjoyed every single bite of it.


#10 Iced Honey Lemon

I wanted something light (had to leave room for another meal with my night owl friends!) and the menu was obliging.

#11 Finally decided on the Smoked Salmon Sandwich with mint yoghurt, arugula and capers on wholemeal bread, served with homemade chips.


When Ralph asked what I thought of it, I said, "Well, it didn't blow up my skirt." *loll* But I absolutely love smoked salmon!


Anything on their menu I should try next time? Or any other nice places (to eat and hang out) I should check out in this trendy shopping mall?

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