Thursday, June 06, 2013


Finally getting down to blogging about my Taiwan trip! Oh well, it's better late than never, right?

So after lunch at the island's most beautiful lake, we were back on the road again to our next stop.

#2 Saw a woman singing and an elderly couple dancing at a Chinese pavilion near the parking lot when we got off the coach.


The building houses a small museum, which only took us about 20 minutes (maybe less) to see everything. Don't worry I'm not here to bore you all with the facts and history of wine. In fact, I had learned nothing, loll. Every descriptions and information plaques were in Chinese. We can't read and our tour guide was nowhere to be found.









To me the museum itself wasn't that interesting intellectually, so we headed back downstairs after we took a few pictures.

#12 There are many different stalls selling a wide variety of local food, snacks, drinks, etc. Even if you don't purchase anything, it's very interesting to look at.



#15 Visiting supermarkets when traveling - doesn't everyone?



I don't remember what we ended up buying, but we probably should have just cleaned out the whole shelf!

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