Thursday, July 04, 2013

Once again, our tour guide took us to a place where people would cling onto your legs and not let go until a ransom is paid.


We were brought into a room with a lady (Thao tribe princess) saying something, but I don't remember exactly what.

Oh, what I remember is - since my parents apparently look like they're an easy target, a few ladies tried to sell them honey at a steep price of more than NT$ 1,000 if I'm not mistaken. Maybe because of I don't look like an aunty, so they didn't target me!?

Suddenly, the Thao people (the smallest aboriginal ethnic group in Taiwan) came out in their colorful costumes and started dancing. After that, they tried to pull everyone in and dance with them!

Suddenly, one of the dancers came right over to me and made me participate. Before I could even say no, he pulled me up and out of my seat, OMGBBQ! Our tour guide took some pictures of me with my camera but all turned out blurry. Well done sir, loll.

Well, everyone knows how tour guides and drivers make money - by ferrying you to as many shopping stops as possible in between the sights, and then collecting commissions on every item purchased. Can't blame them though, they're just doing their job or want to earn a living. So we went along with it and just toured the place as fast as humanly possible. While there was much hard sell, no one was forced to buy.

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