Saturday, July 27, 2013


We came here again a few nights ago for a quick fix to satisfy our Japanese food cravings. Well, this Singapore-based restaurant chain certainly needs no introduction, but I'll dump these pictures here anyway or else I'm not sure what to do with them.

#1 As usual, Ralph and I always order our favorite: the fresh Salmon Sashimi, but 5 pieces wasn't enough for the two of us so we doubled the order. I personally do prefer raw to cooked salmon!

#2 I couldn't help myself from grabbing different types of sushi from the conveyor belt. However, before reaching for my camera, I instead reached for my chopsticks. That's why I could never be a food blogger, loll.

#3 Since we were hungry enough to eat a dinosaur, we also ordered a few other items via the Interactive Menu.

#4 Sakae Chawanmushi

#5 Ika Teriyaki - I only ate the cabbage leaf that came with the squid, hahaha!

#6 Chuka Mekabu Gunkan


#8 Salmon Sushi

#9 Salmon Mentai Sushi

#10 I'd skip the Ika, not for me.

#11 Maguro (tuna) Sushi

#12 Happy Froggie - sushi rice with tuna mayo topped with candy Froggie. *kiss the frog* Isn't it kawaii? Or kowai?

It was a pleasure to eat and had my stomach not threatened to burst, I'd have ordered more. Itadakimasu!

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