Monday, July 29, 2013

Eek! What am I going to wear (girls' classic dilemma)?

Is your initial joy in receiving an invitation quickly sucked away by that thought? Mine usually is.

Last week, I received an invitation from a PR company to an event and I found myself in this predicament - stood in front of my overstuffed wardrobe and screeched, "I've got nothing to wear (girls' biggest issue ever)!" For me, it actually means, I don't always want to wear that same dress again to an event... and there it lies at the back of the wardrobe.

I go shopping a lot but I usually walk away with casual clothes. The invite didn't specify or involved the word casual but my rule of thumb is it's always better to dress up than dress down.

Peplum is another fashion style I thought I'd never see taking up space in my wardrobe because frankly, I assumed that a bold style that creates an instant slimming effect best suits someone with a curvy figure. Take Kim Kardashian for instance, or the late Saloma - who can ever forget her striking, hourglass figure shown off to perfection in an eye-catching peplum kebaya?

I was wrong.

Model-thin women can also carry off the look; Victoria Beckham is a great example.

And that's the power of peplum! It flatters every figure. It adds magic where there's less and I'm so beginning to love this trend (better late than never right).

Online, I've found a few stunning and chic peplum style tops at Zalora that caught my eye! Also, I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the prices were and they've a permanent sale every day of the year, SCORE. I wouldn't go overboard on turning my whole wardrobe into a peplum fest but I'd definitely add a piece or two or maybe more to spice up my look.

Ralph: "Why do women always need new dresses?" I was like... duh. "I'll never understand why a woman can look pretty in something and then decide to never wear it again." Well, for some reason women want a new outfit for every new occasion loll!

And now I can relax!

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