Wednesday, August 07, 2013

After settling into our rooms, we freshened up and were ready to head out to the largest night market in Taiwan! Fengjia Night Market, which occupies the front part and left side of Feng Chia University, consisting not just thousands of food stalls, but also clothing stores (actual stores on the side of the street) that filled with fashions of all kinds. I really love the night markets in Taiwan; they're not the same as the pasar malam in Malaysia!

With Taiwan bubble tea in one hand and shopping bags in the other, I ended up taking only a few pictures.



#3 There's no MRT system in Taichung (Taiwan's 3rd largest city) hence traffic is heavy with plenty of motorbikes zooming around.





We took our time to walk through the stalls and just followed whatever stalls have long queues. You'll come across things that are unique and perhaps never heard of, let alone had, and I was so excited to try all the food in sight. And you'll come across things that smell utterly god awful too, haha.

#8 The smelliest stinky tofu in Taichung was at a stall with a large seating area on one of the side streets that radiate off from the market itself.

#9 If a stall has a long line, the odds are that the food is worth trying. Well, I've tried it once and I'll be so strong that no one will ever force-feed me stinky tofu ever again.





#14 Da Chang bao Xiao Chang (literally means "big sausage wrapped around small sausage") - It's basically like a hot dog, but a Taiwanese sausage (small) is stuffed inside a glutinous-rice-filled sausage (big) instead of a bun, get it? I wish I could have this right now!

#15 Another popular local snack is the deep-fried chicken cutlets. It was just as I'd hoped: crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Smiley

#16 Since my parents are not a fan of walking around and eating at the same time, thus we randomly walked into a restaurant.

#17 Food here was OK, but I'd still opt for delicious Taiwanese street food.

After dinner, my sister and I continued wandering around while the rest went back to the hotel for a rest. Oh, I even got a manicure and pedicure here! I'll post the pictures in my next blog post, okay?

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