Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It all started when I was in high school, quite innocently, and it never ended.

Here are some of my nail polishes.

I often do a polish switch and it's like a weekly ritual for me, so it's a rare occurrence that my fingernails and toenails are naked. Different colors are always a breath of fresh air! You may not feel the same way, but a manicure or pedicure, even done at home, lifts my spirits, as you would not believe. It just appeals to me, and I think that is reason enough to do it.

However, I suck at nail art. Every freehand nail art designs I did turned out crap loll, so these nail art rhinestones, glitter and flitter would make my life so much easier.

I love these 3D nail stickers too as it doesn't require me to test my creative skills and it's non-messy.

Right before I went on vacation, I had my mani-pedi but 5 days later, a glaring chip in my polished toe was screaming for a pedicure. I don't like to see chipped nail polish; I just can't stand it!

So I had a mani-pedi right there at the night market when I found a stall where they offer manicure and pedicure services for NT$300!

Simple nail designs on my nails.

Starry, starry night... felt like I had starry skies on my toenails haha. I absolutely loved it!

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