Tuesday, September 03, 2013

#1 Taiwan: Day 6

The Leofoo Village Theme Park that combined both a safari park and an amusement park has four themed areas - "African Safari", "Arabian Kingdom", "South Pacific" and "Wild West". When we arrived at 9am, we were greeted by a rather cold and gloomy weather.


#3 The Leofoo Water Park (Greek-themed) had not yet opened to the public when we were there.

One of the benefits of visiting a theme park on an off-peak day is that there are few queues and therefore you can go on many of the rides as many times as you like. It was a Thursday, but I was not sure if I did appreciate that as we also arrived to an almost eerie silence and somehow that made it a lot less exciting to me.

#4 Admission to Leofoo Village was NT$890 for adults (included in our tour package).

While waiting for the tour bus to take us to the safari park, we came across a few fascinating monkeys roaming free in their leafy, outdoor enclosure.

#5 Oh, baby, smile! Orangutan: "No, I'm shy."

#6 Chimpanzee: "I'm sexy and I know it!"


#8 Brown Spider Monkey: "I know I'm too photogenic but would you stop staring at me?"

#9 Flamingos: "Do you wish you had legs like ours?" Abuden?!

#10 This blue & yellow macaw was indeed over-friendly. I screamed so loud I could have shattered glass *loll* when it flew towards me!

So we had the bus (with all windows closed) to ourselves and ride through African Safari. Since we couldn't wind down the windows, I wasn't able to get great photos of each wild animal.

#11 My favorite wild animal - Bengal tiger! But I was a little disappointed that I didn't see any white tigers.


#13 Look at that baboon; it'd scare the goobers out of me if I ever woke up to one of those! There were so many baboons and I saw something I had never seen before - baboons having sex. O_O Some are very aggressive and horny, hahaha I think they are the horniest animals I've ever seen.

#14 After we did the safari tour, we then took an open-air vintage British steam train, Nairobi Express to see more animals such as rhinoceros and American bison up close.















#29 Sahara Twist - I view this ride as a stepping-stone for people to build up to larger roller coasters.





#34 We spent quite some time in Arabian Kingdom - an adventure-magical themed area.

#35 Here, we bought some drinks from Oasis Restaurant. A cup of coffee cost NT$40 (surprisingly reasonably priced) and I just had to get a large orange juice (NT$60) to quench my thirst.






#41 I wanted to look at the world upside down from the 360-degree rotating Ring of Fire, but rain began to fall!

#42 Because of the rain, we (including my parents who are obviously not into fast-paced amusement rides loll) rode the carousel. The carousel was named Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.


#44 South Pacific - a tropical-themed area


#46 Wild West is an old-west-themed area and the biggest thrill ride in the area is Screaming Condor, Asia's first U-shaped suspended spiral roller coaster. Wild West is also the home to the Big Canyon Rapids Ride, a river rapids ride.



#49 For lunch, we had our meal at the only sit-down, non fast food, Chinese restaurant that was open in the theme park. No pictures of food 'cause I know you don't want to see grainy, blurry and unappetizing food pictures, loll.

#50 I don't know how big this theme park is, but each themed area features a combination of thrill rides, shows, attractions, dining outlets and merchandise stores.

Even though we didn't get to see everything or get on every ride in three and a half hours (well duh, obviously right?), I was all, ah, never mind, LOL maybe because of I couldn't wait to set off on the 1-hour ride to our next destination - Taipei!

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