Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I missed the last four installments of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia, so when I got the passes to MTV World Stage this year PLUS exclusive entry to the invite-only MTV after-party, I wouldn't want to miss it and invited my friends to join me too!

#1 Fifth installment of World Stage Live in Malaysia at Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon on September 8

When we arrived, we learned cameras, tablets and all other recording devices were strictly prohibited (security checks conducted at the door). I don't understand why! Anyone that is interesting in attending concert will want to take photos of their favorite artists as they perform, right?

Luckily, Rushdarn's friend left his car with Sunway Resort Hotel valet 'cause I definitely do not want to leave my big ass camera in a car unattended, even for just a moment. And what options was I then left to capture the memories and moments with...?

Needless to say, all these blurry, grainy, all around awful pictures were taken with my phone. *bleh*



Ah, lucky us! I don't know what our friends did or said, but the security staff from a side entrance let us in and we were able to skip the ridiculously long line!



Went by Surf Beach, MTV VJ's Hanli Hoefer and Alan Wong hyped up the crowd and shouted out, "Malaysia, boleh!" to a sea of 15,000 strong crowd and the show started.



They have two large screens at each side of the stage and while it's great to enjoy an outdoor concert, be prepared that they go on rain or shine. The drizzle, mercifully, began to lift (uh-oh uh-oh!) when the show kicked off with awesome performances by Joe Flizzow. Well, it didn't matter as there were MTV's crews handing out hand fans and rain ponchos when we entered the venue.


#9 Hmmm, which planet did this alien come from?

However, that icky sticky feeling of plastic draping over my body was just too uncomfortable for me. Ralph said, "Oh gosh! It feels like a sauna, I'm drenched in sweat!" Hahaha! So we rocked our way to a canopy further back from the pit, took off our rain ponchos immediately, enjoyed the entire show immensely and I felt like a human being again loll.

#10 Despite the torrential drizzle, it was great to see the enthusiasm of the concert-goers was not dampened.

#11 Ralph & Altimet, a popular artist in Malaysia's hip-hop and music scene

The lineup wasn't too familiar to me (yeah, I live under a rock) and even though I didn't really know any of the male performers besides the American hip-hop band Far East Movement, I was quite excited to check out the performances by Robin Thicke, K-Pop band EXO and Malaysian hip-hop artist Joe Flizzow.



To be frank, much as I love music, I'm not one of those who blatantly declare, "I listen to all music!" I only listen to certain genres and Korean Pop definitely is not part of them.

The crowd, especially K-Pop female fans went crazy with each song EXO rocked out and after their performances, part of the crowd left.



If you've seen Far East Movement before, you'll understand what I mean when I say they jumped up on stage. They've such amazing stage presence, and the interaction they've with the crowd was unbelievable!

#16 Accompanied by three female vocalists, Robin Thicke delivered a sexy, soulful and fun performance of a few songs. *swoon*




We left a few minutes before the show ended and we only heard an explosion of fireworks from a distance as we were making our escape to avoid the crowds.

And then it was time for the post party!

#20 The invite-only MTV post party was held at Aquasonic, Sunway Pyramid.

#21 I never expected that I'd bump into Kenny Sia in my life! He's so nice and friendly haha.


The music was great; we cut loose and danced until our legs were ready to give out from under us. Erm... just realized I didn't take our group photo of 4 couples.



#25 Cheers (who says no one drinks orange juice at a club)!

I had a great time, can't wait to see what's in store for next year's installment.

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