Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Some think that music and fashion seem to have spontaneously come together to create something iconic. For some friends that I know, their musical tastes do tend to influence their style. For example, K-pop fans are not only obsessed with their idols but also focus on the idols' sense of style that has influenced the majority of the fans as well.

Ironically, although I love alternative rock and hard rock more than any other genres of music, I don't think of myself as a 'rock chick type'. I'd describe my personal clothing style as effortless chic without a little rocker thrown in loll! When someone says "rock chick", I'll immediately picture a girl who looks cool, tough, mysterious and sexy, avoid fashion clich├ęs but at the same time has a modern look, or wearing mostly black, with studs and piercing.

Just because I'm not one, doesn't mean that I can't play with a little rocker style, right?

Thanks to FrockON (you rock!) for sending me these rocker chic clothing and accessories set! Skull? Check. Spikes? Check. Studs? Obviously.

Stay sharp and stylish with this Silver Spike Necklace! I think it goes well with almost anything, from evening wear and a little black dress to casual day wear and loose tank tops too.

Because of the versatility of this Roxanne Peplum Dress, you can rock it from day to night, wear it down and still dress it up. Also, a peplum dress will give you the liberty to eat as much as you want and still have a banging figure haha!

I love this Swish sheer black top; there's a range of ways to style them!

Leggings are something I've never worn in my life, so these Lexi Leggings in black are my first pair and I think they're very comfy.

The Zoe Skull Envelope Clutch in nude is one of my favorite pieces. You can wear it two ways as it comes with a shoulder chain strap and I love skulls!

Well, I've yet to have fun with them, so here's a picture of two models wearing the key items I received.


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