Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Whew~ so it's New Year Eve today. It just comes too soon after Christmas! How was your Christmas everyone? Mine was not merry as I was seriously ill (maybe I'll share the nasty, gory details one day) and ended up bedridden for a few days, and because of this, I've decided on my No.1 2014 goal (not resolution) - take better care of my health. Are you ready, running shoes?

Well, that's OK. I had a small bit of joy anyway and most importantly, the worst was over, THANK GOD.

On Christmas Eve, Ralph was slaving away in the kitchen (even though he got a mild flu) while I was resting in bed. Without knowing what he was going to cook, I told him to keep the meal simple, make his Christmas Eve a stress-free zone and have fun. *loll*

"So here they are – bon appetit!"

The seared salmon that served with all my favorite veggies tasted fantastic and he was totally taken by surprise when I completely cleaned my plate (unlike last year!) despite being sick.

He also made Brussels sprouts salad, which was devoured! I love these miniature cabbages and he said he could make it again anytime.

Hmmm... how can he find the time to cook? Cooking and creating healthy meals can take significantly longer than making some instant noodles or throwing a frozen pizza into the microwave, and not forget about cleaning up afterward.

Ugh! How do I make myself love cooking?

Oh, I could have pink champagne (?) before the meal too!

From my home to yours, here's to wishing everyone a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration and see you in 2014! *muah!* So excited!

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