Friday, December 13, 2013

While we usually frequent Sakae Sushi whenever we need a quick fix of Japanese food, we decided to give Watami a go when we walked pass it after Ralph bought a pair of badminton shoes on a Saturday evening last month.

There weren't that many people in the restaurant as it was still early before the dinnertime rush and since I wasn't super hungry, we didn't order a lot of food.

Tori Momo Kushi (RM4.90) | Tomato Kushi (RM4.90) - love anything on a skewer!

Must order Salmon Sashimi (RM19.90) at every Japanese restaurant I go to, yum!

Actually, I ordered Salmon Salad but the waiter got the order wrong and they brought me Onsen Tamago Caesar Salad (RM19.90). Well, it looked good, so I was fine with it and didn't alert the waiter.

Gyuniku Sukiyaki Nabe (RM27.90) - There's nothing nicer than a big bowl of comforting hot pot on a cold, wet evening. However, the broth was extremely salty for my taste and it left me gulping down two or three glasses of iced green tea!

Ralph thought it was okay and said it's meant to be salty.

This sexy little number - Strawberry Mojito (RM12.90) made me go "Ohhh...ahhh..." why do the alcoholic drinks have to be the only pretty drinks!?

The bill came to RM107.20, including service charge and tax - not sure if well worth it for the food.

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