Monday, January 20, 2014

This year, I didn't specifically go Chinese New Year shopping as I still have new clothes, never worn, with tags attached (thank you, advertisers). Went to Paradigm Mall to attend an event and since I got there early, I dropped by Sephora to see what's new. Before entering the store, I was quite surprised to see so many teddy bears were placed all over the upper atrium!


At first, I was like, "Woah, Bear! Why are there so many adorable teddy bears?" *attempted to kidnap them*

After a second look, I realized, it's the mall's Chinese New Year theme - The Beary Journey.


Big teddy bears, small teddy bears, brown teddy bears, white teddy bears... you can't miss the Beary-land!








Hmmm, thought I could ride a ride-able "horse" with the backdrop of an old style Chinese countryside.

#10 Love the teddy bear in pink cheongsam! I've never worn a cheongsam before; maybe I should get one, haha.

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