Tuesday, April 01, 2014

While looking for a chill-out place to chat over coffee after our dinner at Bad Boy Cooks in Oasis Square (the food was eh... so-so), the five of us stumbled upon this cafe and decided to go in. It wasn't too crowded on a Sunday night and we scored a spot on the couches!


I like cafes with a laid-back atmosphere and the people that work behind the counter were all friendly enough.


#3 We didn't try any cakes, but they looked good.



The best part, as should be for any cafe, is the coffee.

"Epiphany Coffee & Tobacco is the only tobacconist café in Ara Damansara! We serve Indonesian coffee roasted by specialty coffee roaster, The Flightless Mule Roasters. Grown in the Ratawali Farm in Gayo, Aceh and roasted locally to ensure you get the freshest coffee in Ara Damansara. Expect to savour coffee with dark plum flavours and a complex earthy undertone.

We are also a fully stocked tobacconist offering a wide range of Roll-Your-Own (RYO) tobacco products, cigars, snus and other tobacco accessories. We cater to both non-smokers and smokers (air-conditioned non-smoking and smoking seating available)."
- www.epiphanycoffeetobacco.com

Hazelnut Caffe Latte


I had Chocolate Marshmallow Latte, which was delicious and undeniable that it satisfied me!

Iced Chocolate

While some cafes or restaurants are not allowing customers to take photos of their food and drinks to share on social media outlets *thumbs down*, others are embracing it as an advertising opportunity.

Oh and it stays open relatively late (until 11:30 pm) compared to other cafes around the area, so that's a plus for night owls like us haha!

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