Thursday, May 29, 2014

I like pancakes.

I love durian.

So durian pancakes?

Yes, yes, a million times yes!

Every time we go to IPC Shopping Centre, we would grab the durian pancakes (RM12 for 6 pieces) from Sumptuous Desserts kiosk before making our way home.

Sometimes, we finished it off before even heading home!

So the other day,

Me: I can't eat anymore I'm full.

Durian pillows: Eat me.

Me: Ok.

There is no stopping after the first bite! The bite-sized treats where a thin piece of crepe is wrapped over a chunk of creamy durian flesh and velvety cream are so deliciously addictive that you just want to keep eating them.

Ralph confirmed I was not crazy for eating 6 pieces or more at one go; he can't resist them either lol.

Some of my friends are not a fan of durians and couldn't fathom how this fruit could possibly make people want to sex each other. Haha, well, to each their own but if you say that the King of Fruits smell like cat shit or a dead animal I'm going to pretend you do not exist!

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