Friday, June 06, 2014

While we were looking for a place to eat (it was sometime last year, btw), Ralph suggested T.G.I. Friday's since we had not been here in over God knows how many years. I have to admit that we don't really frequent Friday's or Chili's and the like because he's not a huge fan of American fare.

"In here, it's always Friday."

When we were seated, our friendly server showed us of their RM29.90++ Prosperity 2 Course Meal menu, which included our choice of an appetizer and a main course, and a Pepsi (additional RM5++) to pair with our meal.

Ralph thought it sounded good and decided to give it a shot.

Appetizer - Texas BBQ Chicken Quesadillas served with apple slaw.

For the main meal, he chose the Key West Whitefish - a roasted mild whitefish topped with a sparkling citrus splash, served with vegetables and herb rice.

He thoroughly enjoyed the food and his beer, a pint of Tiger (RM21.90). *stares at his beer belly lol*

I had a juicy Sirloin Steak (RM46.90) with wild mushroom sauce and two sides (mashed potatoes and broccoli) and found it delightful. I don't fancy a bleeding steak as if it was still moo-ing, so I asked for a medium well.

As I write this, I think to myself "What, Friday already?!" Sometimes it meanders slowly. Sometimes it picks up momentum and inadvertently becomes very busy, but in a good way. Thank God it's Friday!

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