Sunday, September 20, 2015

The lovely birthday gifts I received from Mariuca!

In case you're wondering, no, it isn't my birthday today. It was um, a few months ago, but I'm expert in backdated blog posts so you know how it goes.

Current emotion: 80% battery

Well, it's late at night (er, wait, 11:30 pm? is that late?) and here I am blogging in peace when the rest of the world (or, more specifically, my time zone) is asleep. I love the nighttime - the stillness, the coolness, the odd sense of vitality I feel - Ralph says perhaps I was a vampire in a former life.

Any night owls still awake?

So a few days after my birthday, I received a padded envelope and I couldn't wait to open it because I knew who it was from hahaha. As I opened the envelope, I was thrilled with the contents and the sweet message that accompanied the card.

Frankly, I was quite surprised to see the Pandora gift bag and my jaw literally dropped when I saw the charm in the Pandora box!

Celebrate wisdom with this adorable wise owl charm made from sterling silver with green cubic zirconia.

I had mentioned briefly at one point that the wise owl charm (from the Autumn 2013 Collection) was out of stock when I wanted to purchase it last year and she was certainly paying attention.

I was humbled by the fact that she sent me a gift, something totally unexpected. The fact that she went to the trouble of getting the perfect gift, of having it gift wrapped so elegantly and sent to me, is appreciated more than I can say!

Still over the moon that my special friend gifted me a charm, my first Pandora charm. It had been on my wishlist since I had first gotten my Pandora bracelet that I wear every day - even to bed and in the shower, it's on my wrist.

Super love this Hard Rock Cafe (Amsterdam) Couture Charm Keychain that has lots of cute pink charms on it, too! Cute, huh?

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my generous and gorgeous night owl/coffee/pinky/best blog buddy for the awesome gifts!

By the way, I've no idea where the 'wise owl' stereotype originally came from and are they actually wise?

Owl Bee Bach!

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